Arrangørrot i Bacardi Cup
Arrangørrot i Bacardi Cup

Arrangørrot i Bacardi Cup

I kjølvannet av åpningsregattaen har det oppstått mye rot om hvem som får og hvem som ikke får godtgjørelse etter  startbåtfadese.


- Vil redress innvilget på vilkårlig grunnlag avgjøre regattaen?, spør Paul Cayard:

Cayard er en av deltakerne i Bacardi Cup, og har denne kommentaren til regattaledelsen i årets regatta:

- There was confusion at the start (of Race 1) as the main race committee vessel at the starboard end of the line signaled an individual recall while a committee boat at the port end of the line raced across the bows of the fleet in what appeared to be a general recall. This boat actually raced back across the bows of the fleet a second time. Some competitors went back to the starting area, most stopped sailing, but the main race committee never signaled a general recall and they thought it was a race. Needless to say, it was more than a bit confusing and the jury is going to decide if we even had a race today (Sunday). “

Og dagen etter

- The upshot of the redress claims in Sunday’s first race was that the jury gave redress to those who complained. Almost everyone lost something in the confusion; but only four boats filed for redress. I just figured the race was going to be thrown out, but I was wrong. About four people complained, one of them being Peter Bromby of Bermuda who had a great race today (Monday) finishing second. So the four boats who filed for redress will receive the average of their scores for that first race (editor note: 6 are receiving average points for 1st race), making it a bit difficult to calculate the scores as their scores will be a moving average every day.” --

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Resultater etter tirsdagens seilas:

1. Bromby Peter       Liljedahl Magnus       BER         2.0 [AVG]  2.0   2.0     6

2. Vandermolen Jon       Ewenson Geoff       USA      2.0     16.0     6.0      24

3. Mendelblatt Mark       PRADA BRUNO       USA     3.0     23.0     1.0      27

4. Cayard Paul       Sperry Austin       USA                 11.0     10.0     8.0     29

5. Diaz Augie       Strube Mark       USA                     15.0     5.0     10.0     30

6. Boggi Lucio       LaPorta Manuele       ITA              21.0     1.0     9.0       31

7. Wright Peter       Quist Nathan       USA                 13.0     3.0     19.0     35

8. Anosov Arthur       Dolan Mark       USA                 17.0     17.0     5.0     39

9. Reynolds Mark       Haenel Hal       USA                12.0     15.0     12.0    39.0001

10. Maccausland John       Murphy Kevin  USA         10.0     28.0     4.0      42

29, Marazzi Flavio  Petter Mørland Pedersen     SUI      64.0 [OCS]     12.0     13.0     89

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